Intellect Link provides quality web design solutions and creates professional websites with fresh and innovative ideas. We, as a web design company offer you more than just an online presence. We create an online identity for your business. Some of the services we offer includes website designing, redesigning, CMS (Content Management System), CSS web designing, OSE (Open Source Ecommerce) websites, custom template designing, open source shopping carts, blogs, website maintenance, web hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and much more.


Once we receive a project, we first start with a deep analysis process. Our designers and developers first sit together and plan out the solution. Collective inputs are discussed, feasibility study is conducted and any technical measures to be taken would be performed at this stage. The solution will then be sketched on paper, representing the structure, architecture and the logical functionalities which will then be finalized.


After the Analysis, our UI designers would complete the design layouts. Once the design layouts are completed, we would discuss with our client and finalize any changes; starting from graphics, content arrangement, color balancing and structural changes. As the design layouts are finalized, we move on to Development


During the development, the User Interfaces and design layouts are converted into real working applications by our UI Engineers and Solution Developers, within the allocated time frame. Within a short period of time, clients would be update with the latest stages of the project.